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Colorado/Wyoming 33 cm Exclusion Area

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This map and the text below are based on my Part 97 Map app which visually explains certain aspects of the FCC's regulations for amateur radio in the USA. There are more related maps on my maps page.

§ 97.303(n)(3)

No amateur station shall transmit from those portions of Colorado and Wyoming that are bounded by latitudes 39° and 42° North and longitudes 103° and 108° West in the following segments:
902.4-902.6 MHz,
904.3-904.7 MHz,
925.3-925.7 MHz, and
927.3-927.7 MHz.

Part 97

The excerpts of US Title 47 CFR § 97 (Part 97) came from www.eCFR.gov and were current as of November 9, 2012.