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FCC Monitoring Facilities

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This map and the text below are based on my Part 97 Map app which visually explains certain aspects of the FCC's regulations for amateur radio in the USA. There are more related maps on my maps page.

§ 97.13(b)

A station within 1600 m (1 mile) of an FCC monitoring facility must protect that facility from harmful interference. Failure to do so could result in imposition of operating restrictions upon the amateur station by a District Director pursuant to § 97.121 of this part. Geographical coordinates of the facilities that require protection are listed in § 0.121(c) of this chapter.

§ 0.121

Location of field installations.

(a) Field offices are located throughout the United States. For the address and phone number of the closest office contact the Enforcement Bureau or see the U.S. Government Manual.

(b) Protected field offices are located at the following geographical coordinates (coordinates are referenced to North American Datum 1983 (NAD83)):

Allegan, Michigan, 42°36'20.1" N. Latitude, 85°57'20.1" W. Longitude

Belfast, Maine, 44°26'42.3" N. Latitude, 69°04'56.1" W. Longitude

Canandaigua, New York, 42°54'48.2" N. Latitude, 77°15'57.9" W. Longitude

Douglas, Arizona, 31°30'02.3" N. Latitude, 109°39'14.3" W. Longitude

Ferndale, Washington, 48°57'20.4" N. Latitude, 122°33'17.6" W. Longitude

Grand Island, Nebraska, 40°55'21.0" N. Latitude, 98°25'43.2" W. Longitude

Kenai, Alaska, 60°43'26.0" N. Latitude, 151°20'15.0" W. Longitude

Kingsville, Texas, 27°26'30.1" N. Latitude, 97°53'01.0" W. Longitude

Laurel, Maryland, 39°09'54.4" N. Latitude, 76°49'15.9" W. Longitude

Livermore, California, 37°43'29.7" N. Latitude, 121°45'15.8" W. Longitude

Powder Springs, Georgia, 33°51'44.4" N. Latitude, 84°43'25.8" W. Longitude

Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, 18°00'18.9" N. Latitude, 66°22'30.6" W. Longitude

Vero Beach, Florida, 27°36'22.1" N. Latitude, 80°38'05.2" W. Longitude

Waipahu, Hawaii, 21°22'33.6" N. Latitude, 157°59'44.1" W. Longitude

Additional Notes

If you're unfamiliar with finding your way around federal regulations, and you try to go look up "§ 0.121(c) of this chapter", you may find yourself confused at how to proceed. The "of this chapter" part means you have to go find Title 47 CFR Part 0.121. Once you find your way there, you may discover that there is no paragraph (c), but paragraph (b) does list the coordinates.

On the map, the circles around the pins (zoom way in to see them) represent approximately 1600 meters from the associated field installation. Since the distance is so short and the circles are centered precisely on the coordinates given above, the margin of error should be quite small.

Part 97 and § 0.121

The excerpts of US Title 47 CFR § 97 (Part 97) and 47 CFR § 0.121 came from www.eCFR.gov and were current as of November 9, 2012. I mention § 0.121 because it provides the list of FCC monitoring stations which is included by reference in § 97.13(b).