Using tmux

Working with Split Panes

Split pane left & right C-b %
Split pane up & down C-b "
Previous pane C-b ;
Next pane C-b o
Resize pane by 1 character C-b C-up/down/left/right
Resize pane by 5 characters C-b M-up/down/left/right
Hide status bar manually C-b : set -g status off
Arange panes equal vertical C-b M-1
Arrange panes left wider C-b M-4

Copy & Paste with Scrollback Buffer

Start copy mode C-b [
Page up/down C-up/down
Half page up/down M-up/down
Search forward C-s
Search backwards C-r
Start select C-space
Clear selection C-g
Quit copy mode ESC
Copy selection M-w
Paste C-b ]

Redraw shell prompt at top of screen